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"  Many thanks Natasha, I can't believe you got us as number 2 listing on page one (on Google search engine) in less than a week!  ..."
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Will I know up-front what I will be charged?
A: Yes, we offer suggestions to suit all budgets.  All jobs are quoted prior to commencement and the client approves of everything before it is published.

Q:  I don't understand about hosting and domain names and how that fits with my website, can you make that clear for me?
A:  Yes, we explain how it all ties together and what the one-off and ongoing costs are in having and maintaining a website.

Q:  I am supposed to supply the content of my website to save money but I don't know where to start what do I do?
A: We work with you to sort through what you have already and what you might need to get an effective and working website up without too much fuss.  Then, as you progress, we can help you tweak all aspects of the content of your site.

Q:  I don't have the time to have an input into all the content - can you just do it for me?
A:  Yes, we have the ability to supply graphic design, photography stock images, copywriting services, optimization assistance and internet marketing advice and will happily quote for these options.
Q:  I need a site up NOW!  What is the quickest turnaround time?
A:  Most urgent jobs (if they are static sites with content provided) can turn around in 3 - 4 days (if starting from scratch).

Q:  I have an existing site but my web designer has disappeared, can you just make changes and take it over now?
A: We are happy to assess the site and see if we can do this, however it is not always possible.  We do prefer to re-structure your site to our systems and that way we can maintain them in good working order.

Q:  Can you get our site on  page one of Google?
A:  This depends on the industry, products and services you are promoting.  Our basic SEO has indeed managed to get our clients on page one, but we do know how to help you to page one if you have a difficult industry so the answer is "yes".
Frequently Asked Questions
"  I now understand the way the web works - finally - after a lot of money wasted with people who just spoke double-dutch  ..."
"  Thanks for all the "extras" and listening to my endless questions.  Value for money  ..."
If you have a question apart from these, please click the free-quote above and we'd be happy to help.

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